How to add a device:

1.       Click on Add tab.

2.       Panel Type Field should be GS3120 or GS3125.

3.       Enter the IMEI number in the field.  The IMEI number is found on the radio of the device.

4.       Encryption Key:  When this field is all zeroes, this means that the encryption key is disabled.  Please see note regarding the encryption key.

5.       Choose the appropriate APN that your SIM supports.  For APNs that are not on the list, please choose APN and type in their APN name.

            - Some APN requires an APN Username and Password, please contact your SIM provider for that information if you do not have it

6.       Click on Submit.


How to open a device:

1.       Click on Search.

2.       If the device is not shown on the table use the search field to find the device, all devices are tracked by their IMEI number.

3.       Click on the specific IMEI device that you want to open.

4.       You will now open the device’s command page.


How to communicate a job:

1.        Open the device that you want to communicate with.

2.       In Cell Phone Number field, enter the cell phone number of the SIM that is in the unit.

3.       Tag the fields that you would like to change.

4.       Click on  to communicate to device.

Note:  The Encryption Key field under the Cell Phone Number must match the encryption key that is programmed on the board to ensure successful communication.


Encryption Key:

When encryption key is all zero characters that mean that encryption key is disabled.   

Please note that BWS encryption key field is located on the main page is not the same encryption key that is located in GPRS section.  Both encryption key fields are totally independent and have no relation at all.  The encryption key field in the GPRS section is only used to download the new encryption key to the board so it can over write the existing encryption key and become active when next communication take place.  The encryption key under the cell phone field is the handshake to ensure secure communication.  For example, if 000000000000000000000001 is programmed onto the board and the encryption key under the cell phone field is set to 000000000000000000000002; the communication job will fail.